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We Are The Champions!

Fighting to Win

In my career as a life and business coach, I’ve learned that people can achieve extraordinary success. With the right plan and good mentoring, anyone can overcome obstacles and reach new heights.


As human beings, we truly are the Champions of the World. I’ve been fortunate enough to help so many students put their struggles behind them and build wonderful new lives. I’m constantly amazed at how resourceful and determined people can be.


I’ve fought big battles in my own life, too. Surviving cancer four times in a row certainly made me feel like a champion. That’s not a battle I would have chosen, of course. But I’m so glad I was able to emerge as a winner.


One contest that I did choose was to take a tilt at becoming a public speaking championship. I joined Toastmasters with the aim of leveling up my speaking and leadership skills. But when I found the organization runs international speech contests, I couldn’t resist the challenge. 


I was astonished when I won my club contest. Even more so when I won at three higher levels—each more challenging than the last. I became the de facto 2021 Public Speaking Champion of South-East Asia, a goal that had seemed unattainable. Below you can watch my winning speech.

I’m very proud of this accomplishment, but I didn’t win this award alone. I owe my success to the mentors who inspired me, and the club leaders who supported me. As always, becoming a champion is a team effort.


If you are ready to level up and become a champion, I would love to help. I’ve created a Champion’s Academy especially to set you on the fast track to success. To unleash the champion inside you, watch my free presentation and discover the 5-step formula to success:


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