Building Coaching Culture

No matter how dedicated our children are to learning, there will always be a time that they become demotivated for various reasons, most of them, hopefully temporary.

However, there are some children that only put in minimal effort and need lots of urging to get started. They tend to leave many tasks unfinished and have a not a positive attitude to learning and schoolwork.
Building a coaching culture for your children means to help them to grow and develop. A coaching culture means supporting your children so that they learn new skills and stay curious and motivated. 

Discover How a Coaching culture Increases curiosity, development and Motivation.

Do you as a parent sometimes feel that you wish you could do more to motivate and stimulate your children? Do you want them to be more motivated, more curious and eager to learn new things? Do you sometimes feel that you yourself need some motivation, tools and skills regarding how you can motivate your child? Or are you just simply a person that find it interesting to know more about what a coaching culture is?

ANA offer a package of 6 Workshops or you can simple choose one of the most popular topics below. 

  • Develop and boost your inspiration to inspire your child

  • There are no mistakes only learnings - 

  • Expression of opinion

  • Set SMART goals

  • Learnings at school

  • Lead by example

  • Celebrate achievement


Take awaysˈ from the workshops

  • Coaching as a motivational tool for all parents.

  • How to create a Coaching Culture.

  • Set SMART goals. We will discover whether you have set up specific goals for your child’s learning and if so, what those goals are. Do you, your child and the school actually have the same or at least synchronized goals? Both children and adults work better when they know what the goal is and why. 

  • Lead by example. We will discover your values – becoming who you are.

  • Celebrate achievement. Praise effort not results. There is nothing that beats affirmation. We will discover different skills and tools for you to inspire your child to feel motivated and keep learning.

The series of workshops are focusing on building the relationship, trust and intimacy and being present. How to communicate effectively by active listening and powerful questioning. The workshop will be a combination of presentation and exercises. You will experience how to be present, actively listening and powerful questioning. 

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