Upcoming event :

Inspire your child to speak Swedish


DATE: 5th of October 2019

TIME: 10am – 12pm

VENUE: NIST International School



Anna Frummerin

CEO at ANA, A New Approach Coaching & Consulting, ACC, CALC


Do you as a parent sometimes feel that you wish you could do more to motivate and inspire your children's learning? Do you want them to be more motivated, more curious and eager to learn new things? Do you feel that you yourself need some motivation, tools and skills for how you can motivate your child? Or are you just simply a person that find it interesting to know more about how coaching skills can benefit you as a parent?

If you answer YES of any of questions above, then this WORKSHOP is for you!

Take aways from this WORHSOP

  • Coaching as a motivational tool for all parents.

  • How to create a coaching culture, step 1.

  • Setting SMART goals.

  • The importance of leading by example.

  • How to celebrate achievement.