If you are feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed, you’re not alone. The coronavirus epidemic has had a massive impact on our daily lives, and we are not as individuals able to control how long the situation lasts or when our lives will return to normal. Coaching individuals in quarantine during the last few weeks has made me gain a new understanding of the possibilities for growth and personal development that is possible during this period of enforced stillness: The potential to take a leap forward into one’s future self.

A R E  Y O U  Q U A R A N T I N E D ?

Responding to the situation we are in and encouraged by the potential I see for the individuals and for the collective, I’m now offering highly discounted coaching sessions for individuals in quarantine. If you are quarantined, how do you intend to use the time to reconnect with yourself and your closest family members? Do you want to use the time to reflect on health, relationships, your goals and dreams and what truly matters in the end? How well do you take care of yourself and your body? How comfortable are you in
your own presence? How well can you live in the now rather than in the past and the future? On the other hand, your business may be disrupted by the virus. What is your relationship with uncertainty and fear? And finally, what are you called to do with your precious life when the quarantine is over?

E X P L O R E  W H A T  IS  P O S S I B L E  F O R  Y O U ,

N O W  A N D  F R O M  N O W  ON S C H E D U L E  A  C A L L ,

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