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ANA helps Marketing Managers and Marketing Leaders find motivation, assess their strengths and weaknesses, find blind spots, encourage and inspire them to achieve greater results, adopt a unique approach with each individual and foster an environment that allows the individual to go from Good to Great, thrive and become more successful.


ANA support you in building confidence in marketing yourself, your company. We make your business action oriented, taking you from Good to Great so you reach your desired outcome.



ANA motivates you to get you excited about marketing your business and professional services.



ANA tailor-makes what you need in the form of workshops, leadership development, individual coaching/consulting or continuous evaluation work throughout the organization.


ANA is an international consulting and coaching company with 20 years of expertise within the area of Sales and Marketing. We help, support and develop leaders, employees and entire organizations.




More clarity about what it takes to attract more of your ideal clients.

More confidence in developing your marketing message, materials, and plans that really represent your business.


More courage to get out there and make connections with prospective clients.


More focus on taking action


More fulfillment in the process of marketing because you are clear about your values and the difference you make.


12 keys to achieve Sustainable Sales, a book written by Anna Frummerin

The book highlights the importance of finding the right key to become e.g. a successful salesman/woman, or to go from being good, to being great. The book explains all the steps you need to know on how

 to face challenges, how to work with yourself, finding and to find answers to your own and customer’s questions. You can also use the book for holding workshops, since each key (chapter) is useful for organizing a successful workshop in that area.

The book is written in English and will be published during autumn 2019, and also be available online.

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