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40 Positive Affirmations to change your life

1. My possibilities are endless
2. I am brave, bold and beautiful
3. Today is going to be a great day
4. I am talented and intelligent
5. I am one of a kind
6. I can and I will
7. I am proud of myself and my achievements
8. I am who I want to be
9. I am beautiful
10. I am unique
11. I am powerful
12. I radiate confidence
13. I am in love with myself and my body
14. I am unstoppable
15. I believe in myself
16. I am focused
17. I will not worry about things I cannot control
18. I will be kind to myself and others today
19. I am loved
20. I am worthy of love and respect
21. Today will be a positive day
22. I will take time to love and care for myself
23. I am successful
24. I am free of worry and regret
25. My thoughts become my reality
26. I love myself
27. I am ambitious
28. I appreciate all that I have and all that I am
29. I am curiose on what life can bring
30. I am grateful for all that I have
31. I am full of potential
32. I can change my life and my situation
33. I am healthy and happy
34. I welcome happiness into my life
35. All I need is within me
36. I always make the best decisions for myself
37. I am more than enough
38. I let go of my worries and stress
39. I accept myself unconditionally
40. I am proud of myself

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