Upcoming event :

Raise Your Awareness and Become the Influencer of Your Life

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DATE: 26th of September 2019

TIME: 6pm




Anna Frummerin

CEO at ANA, A New Approach Coaching & Consulting and a proud member of Women Empowered, EP.


Michelle Ihrig

Empowerment Coach & Epicure Catering Manager


Anna and Michelle will lead a group coaching session where participants will engage in a series of short exercises. We will explore individual life values and principles to be formulated into a mission statement. This will be used as our guiding force for purpose, decision-making and time-management in order to truly become the Influencer of our lives.


If you are not a member in Women Empowered yet. No worries, you can be, it is just to send an email to:  womenempoweredbkk@gmail.com

Michelle Ihrig and Alexandra Lamont are the brilliant founders of the EP and will answer your e-mail and all questions you may have.

You can also contact WE through Facebook, you can see the Facebook page by clicking here.