Who are we

ANA is a Consulting & Coaching company working with both local and international clients. ANA has a big umbrella, covering various areas of expertise, Coaches and Consultants.


At ANA we use two powerful tools in our work - Action Learning Team Coaching and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.


ANA is partnering with Thitilak Company Limited or TTL and collaboration partner with MMS Worldwide Institute, the first Coaching company ever, founded by “The Mother of Coaching”, Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott 1974.

About ANA
We are a Consulting and coaching company focused on Sales, Marketing and development of your Leadership skills. Start preparing yourself for the future, already today! 

We tailor-makes what you need in the form of leadership development, consulting, team/group executive coaching, individual coaching, workshops, or continuous evaluation work throughout the organization

We optimizes the employee potential and the organization's results through executive coaching and consulting. 

Our aim:
We support our clients to reach their vision, mission and goals. 

Our focus:

Our range of services:
Consulting, Coaching, Training and Facilitating within Marketing, Sales and developing your Leaderships skills.

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