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Empowering you to discover

the "Hidden Champion" inside and win big at the game of life.


Hello and welcome to my website.


My name is Anna. I am a Certified Professional Life and Executive Coach, certified by the International Coaching Federation (the world’s largest organization of professionally trained coaches) and certified NLP Leadership Coach by the ABNLP, the World’s largest NLP authority.


I'm an educated facilitator and certified MBTIⓇ (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) Practitioner. And I'm also an Action Learning Team Coach, certified by the World Institute for Action Learning.

More importantly, I have a mission in life:


“Empowering you to discover the hidden 'champion inside' and win big at the game of life.”


I’m pioneering a new approach to mentoring that’s designed to deliver not just hope, but solid outcomes. When you work with me, I’ll coach you through my unique, proprietary success system—Anna’s Amazing ‘Triple A’ Action Plan!


Together we’ll work through each step of the plan to keep you firmly on track to reach your goals. The key steps are:


  • Awareness: assessing where you are in life and where you want to get to

  • Accountability: keeping you on track to achieve the highest levels of accomplishment

  • Action: ensuring that you get things done, and hit even your most ambitious targets


An International Perspective


Originally from Sweden, I’ve worked in key roles around the world. Nowadays my family and I are based in Bangkok, Thailand. But thanks to the Internet, I’m able to work with wonderful people from America to Australia and beyond.


In recent years, I’ve leveraged my business success to build a new career as an in-demand mentor. I’ve been privileged to help many people get a fresh start in life and enjoy the results they deserve.


A Wealth of Expertise


You may have seen me on TV, reaching new audiences with my special message of hope and inspiration. Or you may have seen me teaching, coaching and performing on stage (in both real-world and virtual environments.)


I’m also an award-winning public speaker—a real champion with a growing number of trophies under my belt. And thanks to my growing public-speaking skills, I’m now able to reach many more people worldwide.


Winning Against the Odds


My new approach to mentoring is based on more than theory. It’s solidly grounded in my own experience of life. My strategy has been stress-tested in the toughest environment of all— the University of Hard Knocks.


In my life, I have battled life-threatening illness many times over. I danced with death not just once...not even twice, or three times. On no fewer than four occasions, I fought a high-stakes battle and won.


So having defeated destiny four times in a row, I’ve learned a few things about taking on challenges. I know all about getting up when you’re knocked down, hitting back when you’re on the ropes and doing whatever it takes to win.


And because of all that, I’m now on a mission.


You see, I’ve learned you don’t have to settle for less in life. You never have to resign yourself to what you get, because you can shape your own destiny. I’ve learned we can all overcome obstacles and achieve life-changing success. No matter what challenges you face right now, I’ll help you fight back and win with a knockout punch!


I look forward to working with you.


Best wishes


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