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A FREE Masterclass in maximizing your potential


Pacharee Pantoomano

Director at Brandnow.asia

 Team members

from AsiaBrand


Mike Marquardt

Co-Founder, WIAL
Chair, WIAL Advisory Board

Congratulations on your wonderful article in the recent issue of “Action Learning: Research and Practice.” It was interesting and informative and demonstrated excellent WIAL Coaching skills and reflection. All of WIAL is proud of you and thank you for your contribution to the growth of action learning.

Alexandra Lamont

General Manager of Alexander Lamont Limited

"This workshop really came at the right time for me and really encompassed all the things I was trying to do with my life: mindfulness, meditation, creating a work-life balance, dealing with change and taking on a new role at work. I highly recommend taking this time for yourself.”

Alexandra Lamont

General Manager of Alexander Lamont Limited

"Before attending the workshop I was quite stuck and overwhelmed with upcoming changes and challenges. By simply practicing the awareness exercises and the other tools provided, I now find myself with a much more positive and energized outlook on life, living with a renewed sense of resilience, possibility and empowerment. As a professional in a leadership role, wife and mother, I found the workshop to be invaluable.”

Chi Ho

Managing Director, KTDC Group, Vietnam

“The workshop was a wonderful opportunity for me to reflect, reconnect and make clearer choices of the person I envision to become. It is filled with powerful insights and helpful tools. If you want to be the ‘CEO of your life’, I strongly recommend the workshop. Coach Michelle and Anna make the journey fun and impactful.”

Tina O'Malley

President for SWEA region MAME (Midwest America) at SWEA International

I recently attended a Leadership Workshop: Skills and Tools for Successful Leadership.
Anna’s style exudes warmth and honesty. Her upbeat attitude stays intact throughout her very informative and helpful presentation. Annas has a unique ability to listen with intent while quickly creating an environment where listeners feel safe to ask any questions. She answers those questions with ease and experience.

Sometimes it’s not only what you say, but also how you say it. Anna’s friendly tone is encouraging and welcoming as she shares her valuable mountain of knowledge with a positive and humble demeanor. She leaves the impression of being a skillful yet compassionate woman who is strong enough to inspire, brave enough to be herself, kind and patient enough to teach, while showing genuine motivation in helping others reach new goals.

A perfect role model for a great leader.

Savrina Arifin

Head of Distribution, IPDC Finance

"I wanted to express my thanks note to my amazing trainer, Anna on the totally brilliant leadership skills based on a 3- days advanced communication skills course which I have attended last week. It has charged both my work and personal life in such a positive way already. I have been able to employ the skills and tips I have learnt, with great results immediately. The experience with total success from start to finish was amazing. I have already recommended the course to the HR department of IPDC.

​Moreover, Anna has covered all the areas in a very informative and eye opening ways. I am glad to get the opportunity to discuss issues openly and honestly without any prejudice which will help to fine tune my presentation skills going forward. Also, I have found her training entertaining, fun and flexible to meet all of my needs. The whole topics she has covered were just great! I am more confident in the way I would attend more public speaking after this course. I mostly liked the role plays and practical exercises with real life examples related with my work. I have enjoyed the practical elements the best and it has helped me a lot in terms of battling nervousness and addressing certain character traits. One to one session has also focused on my personal goals in my preferred learning style and everything I wished to be covered which has been covered fully and effectively by the trainer.

I must say, Anna was enthusiastic and made the course interesting and informative. Overall it was an excellent course with a brilliant trainer."

Birgitta Leveen​

HR Director International Markets at Haworth

"A pleasure to work with Anna at the Board of SWEA Bangkok. Anna has also been my Personal Trainer twice a week for 4 months. Anna is very goal oriented, professional and committed to her assignments and she always delivers top quality service. Her positive attitude, professional support and high energy level affects everyone in her vicinity."

Kay Ashton


"Anna is the most wonderful coach! She was incredibly patient, kind, focused and her passion for what she does is infectious. My session with her was exactly what I needed to help me find clarity and overcome my obstacles. I honestly can't say enough good things about her."

Michelle Mueller Ihrig

Hospitality Manager

"Anna is a fantastic listener who is thereby able to ask the right questions in total support of her clients attaining that which they seek. I highly recommend Anna to anyone looking for more clarity, joy and purpose in their lives."

Nidhipon (Wityatem) Tritiptawin

Risk management & insurance, coaching, and training are my passion

“We both took the same MMS Coach Training Program together in 2018. During the course, she coached me twice. I saw how fast she could learn, apply, and improve her coaching skills tremendously within only a short period. Also, knowing her more and more, I was impressed with her leadership, integrity, and passion in whatever task she performed under her responsibility. She is calm and sincere. She is definitely a warm-hearted woman and mom. I’m very happy being around and working with her.”

Camilla Davidsson

Freelance Web Content Manager/ Freelance Photographer at camilladavidsson.com

“Anna and I worked together at the board of SWEA Bangkok and she has also been my professional coach during my time of career change, during the same time she studied for her certification at MMS Worldwide Institute. She has been a very valuable asset for me through this time, her guidance made me see clearly in which direction I wanted to take my professional career. Anna is a very determined person; she always has many ideas and is passionate about her work and projects, which means that she will follow through. Anna is a great leader and co-worker, she listens and she is very attentive to others, which makes her a great team builder.
Meeting Anna has been a very positive experience, she is a warm and very honest person and I couldn’t have got a better match than working with her at this new direction of my career.”

Cédric BRON

Traveller meeting entrepreneurs in Asia and America | Engineer | Investor | Passionate of self-improvement

"Anna knows how to adapt and feel the need of her clients in a minute! I did one coaching session with her, and she directly understood that I needed to be challenged. In just a few minutes, she allowed me to dig deeper in myself and allowing me to ask myself the good questions. Coaching with specialists like Anna can save you a lot of time. If you want to stay average do it by yourself, if you want to evolve, start to be mentored and coached by the one who ask the right questions."